Dextral; spindle-shaped with conical early whorls and a slightly narrowed last whorl; with 6.25–7.5 whorls separated by a deep suture; protoconch smooth; with discernible spiral striae between the ribs; whitish; sub-translucent; last whorl rounded, with an indistinct ventral constriction; aperture sub-angular, angular at the transition from columellar to basal side; upper insertion of the peristome ascending towards aperture; insertions of the peristome connected by a distinct callus; peristome distinctly expanded, thickened, doubled; aperture with a low columellar lamella; with a parietal lamella, a short spiral palatal fold in the middle of the whorl and a long radial palatal fold ventrally inside the last whorl; umbilicus closed; operculum thin, corneous, circular. Shell height 2.25–2.9 mm, shell diameter 1.05–1.3 mm.

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