The “Miyoko Murex” is a highly sought-after muricid with spectacular wing-like varices. First described from Mactan Island, Philippines, almost all known records are from within the Philippines; although specimens attributed to the same name have been found as far as the Solomon Islands.

The normal colouration of the Philippines shells is rusty brown overlaid by some white hands, but the Solomon shells are pure white. When first described and few specimens were available, many considered it as a form of the superficially similar Pterynotus loebbeckei (Kobelt, 1879). As more specimens surfaced, however, its status as a distinct species became undeniable. Today it is no longer rare, in fact it is known to be quite common in the Philippines and even specimens with very good wings have become easily obtainable.

A carnivorous and predatory gastropod feeding on bivalves and other invertebrate animals, it inhabits rather deep water around -50~200m in depth. Typical shell length around 60mm, very large specimens may reach 75mm. Though originally described in the genus Pterynotus, it was recently moved to Timbellus, its current genus. – Adapted from Chong Chen’s post.

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