The small shell is heavy and ventro-dorsally compressed. The early spire is rounded with fine spiral striations. The later spire becoming nodulate at the shoulder with distinctive shoulder knobs that are raised and axially elongated reaching to the suture. These nodules diminish on, and are lost on, the body whorl.

The suture of whorls is well below the shoulder. The ventral body whorl is smooth and flattened with a strong axial fold. The anterior of the shell typically has well- defined, evenly spaced incised lines that continue to the edge of the outer lip on the dorsal side. The whole columella is heavily calloused the length of the aperture but does not extend onto the short anterior canal. The outer lip in heavily calloused, with a wide posterior
lobe where the outer lip meets the bodywhorl.

The posterior sinus is well formed and strongly bilabially calloused. The stromboidian notch is moderately formed and the lobe is broad and not extended. The aperture is white and may have a distinctive yellow staining on the inner surface.

The colour of the shell is variable, early whorls being uniform white to tan, with later whorls developing patterns that consist of four bands offine maculations and axial lines that may form blocks of colour and merge giving rise to chocolate or tan shells. The shell loses this colouration just before the formation of the outer lip.

-THE FESTIVUS, Volume 54, issue 2, Stephen J. Maxwell-

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