The noble volute, is widespread in the South East Asia from Taiwan to Vietnam, Peninsular Malaysia, Indonesia, Singapore and Philippines. May grow up above 200mm in length.

Populations of Cymbiola nobilis are present in small and isolated areas and are often close by, but separated by geographic barriers such as water channels. Each separate range has its own shell form and color pattern. They are collected for the souvenir trade and food by the millions. This species goes through a veliger stage, which may contribute to the wide range. There is a beautiful form from the Malaysian population around Penang but it is considered extinct due to habitat destruction and land reclamation.

The shell is very heavy and pattern very dense lines, much sought after and loved by my friends the famous Patamakanthin family in Phuket. This is one of the first species I collected live in sand and excited me about shell collection when I was very young. A sentimental species.

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