Callistocypraea leucodon leucodon – superb clear spots and close to gem! Very rare!


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Species: Callistocypraea leucodon leucodon

Author: (Broderip, 1828)

Locality: Tinina, Balut Island, Philippines

Size: 75.0mm

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Tangle net 100-200m deep, August 2020. Such a specimen known as the “Chocolate leucodon” so far solely comes from Balut Island, and only a few specimens comes up in a year. This specimen is not an extremely matured specimen although as you can see in the teeth that it is definitely an adult. Normally such specimens are sold at 2000 euros above but I was lucky to obtain for the first time after searching for the right price and quality and after years of searching, finally able to present a very nice specimen here. Good price and good looking leucodon. Seldom found in such a condition especially at this price.