One of the most beautiful of tree snails, thus was intensively collected for jewelry and trade. This resulted in it being the first invertebrate to be listed in the endangered species act of the USA. Trade is also controlled internationally by the CITES appendix II.

This species is restricted to forest and some low intensity forest-garden habitats (such as sago). Lower abundance is reported for low-lying areas, areas with less canopy cover, and areas with higher human population density.

Although as a collector myself, I have not seen a snail go extinct due to harvesting (millions are harvested for food and yet they always remain common in nature) but habitat loss is a much greater threat. And it is said that these snails live high in the canopy; hard of impossible to reach unless there are logging activities present. However the law is the law and please don’t ask me if there are any for sale because it is not allowed.

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