6 years ago, I obtained some specimens from the collection of my dad’s good friend the late Mr. Chua Kim Swee. There were a few specimens of an interesting amphidromus species that I couldn’t identify and I passed some specimens to Jeff Parson to ID them. His studies proved that it was indeed at least a new subspecies of Bornean amphidromus, A. capistratus. What tells it apart most easily is that most specimens of this subspecies have a wavy pattern on the body of the last whorl. The nominate species is found at least 300km away in Kalimantan, South of Borneo while this specimens are from the north of Borneo. All these specimens were collected at least 30 years ago and during that time, the late Mr. Chua Kim Swee was heavily involved in the logging industry and thus, manage to obtain these specimens. There is not many and I doubt they will be easily obtained as that part of Sabah is heavily logged and converted to farming land. Hopefully they still exist but for now, apart from these specimens there is only a few in the world! Publication in The Festivus, August 2018.

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