The “Pilsbry’s Spider Conch” is a large spider conch endemic to the French Polynesia and best known to be from the Marquesas Islands.

For a long time it was regarded as a subspecies of Lambis crocata (Link, 1807) but now often recognised as a full species. It can be differentiated from L. crocata by lack of a large bulge in the columella and longer digits, as well as being much larger on average. Once considered rare due to its limited range but now it is only uncommon on the market.

Presumably a herbivore / detritivore like other spider conchs, it inhabits shallow intertidal waters down to about -40m deep. Two forms exist, the slender form shown with long digits and a robust form with larger body and relatively shorter digits. The typical shell length is about 200mm including digits, giants are known to exceed 250mm. – Adapted from Chong Chen’s post

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