The “Squamose Turban” is a medium-sized turbinid elaborately ornamented with dense wavy lamellae ranging from Western Australia to Queensland, Australia to New Guinea. It was for a long time widely known as Turbo squamosus Gray, 1847, hence the vernacular name. Although actually published a year prior to T. lamniferus Reeve, 1848, T. squamosus Gray, 1847 is unfortunately a junior homonym of the same name by Röding, 1798 (which is itself a synonym of Turbo bruneus (Röding, 1798)) and therefore not available.

It is a locally common algae grazing gastropod inhabiting intertidal zone to very shallow water down to about -5m, often found on rocks or other hard substrata. Individuals are quite variable in the strength of lamellae, but are otherwise little-varied. Typical shell length around 40mm, very large specimens may exceed 55mm. – Extracted from Chong Chen’s post

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