A handsome subspecies of the nobilis cone, discover by Mr. John Abbas in the Solor Island, adjacent to the Lembata Island where the Victor cones are found and Bali where the Skinner’s cones are found. Not accepted by WoRMs due to the source “Illustrated catalog of the living cone shells. 517 pp. Wellington, Florida” but in our opinion, we accept it as a true sub-species our close friend Mr. John Abbas actually travels to the locality and in his opinion and ours, a true subspecies as the populations do not cross and there is enough morphological differences to justify the differences. This subspecies will remain rare and difficult to obtain as we have seen many Victors passing off as C. abbai thus bring the prices down. Those who paid high opening prices for this species should not despair as when the community realizes its rarity and exclusivity, it shall be valuable as it should be.

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